Vermilion Fair Multi-Species

Judging & Consumer Marketing Competition


This year is the first annual Vermilion Fair Judging & Consumer Marketing Competition. The competition is being hosted as part of the Fair’s celebration of 4-H Alberta’s centennial. The Judging & Consumer Marketing Competition is open to everyone who would like to try out and improve their judging skills, kids and adults, 4-H members, former 4-H members, and those who’ve never been in 4-H.

Awards: Awards will be given for the top two placing in each age group, as well as top overall placings, and top overall reasons.

Please Note: This is not the Provincial Judging Competition held by 4-H Alberta, this is a fun competition hosted by the Vermilion Agricultural Society in conjunction with the Vermilion Fair, to commemorate and celebrate 4-H Alberta’s agricultural history!


1.      Early registration is preferred; however, competitors can also register for the judging & Consumer Marketing Competition at the Vermilion Agricultural Society Office during any three days of the fair. There is a $2 entry fee per person, whether judging as an individual or as part of a club/group (along with admission to the Vermilion Fair, which is $10 per day or $20 for a 3-day pass). Each competitor will receive a competitor’s number and judging cards for the registered classes.


2.      Contestants can judge as individuals or as a club/group. Class choice is left up to the contestants to select the classes they want to compete in. There will be Beef, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbit, Heavy Horse, and Exhibit Hall classes as well as an Identification class. Classes may change slightly due to availability of subjects.


3.      Time allotted for the Beef, Sheep, and Heavy Horse classes will be 10 minutes for placing and reasons.


4.      All classes will be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and from left to right.


5.      Judging cards will be provided, but it is up to participants to come prepared with pens and pencils.


6.      Placings and reasons will be determined by the official show judge. Daily scores will be finalized by 5:30 pm and will be posted in the Ag Society Office and announced at the Grandstand before the Chuckwagon Races.


7.      Scores will be calculated using splits.


8.      Fitted Beef and Sheep classes will be held just before the official Fair classes and no competitors will be allowed to enter the ring while the animals are being judged, for safety reasons. There will be an announcement before the official placings for competitors to hand in their cards. Cards handed in after the announcement will not be accepted.


9.      Penned Beef Classes will be judged from ringside.


10.  Poultry and Rabbit classes can be judged at any time during the shows, but judging cards must be handed into the office by 2:30 pm the day of the show. The Rabbit Show is Friday, July 28th and the Poultry is Saturday, July 29th.  Judging cards will be brought to the office for scoring.


11.  Heavy Horse classes will not stop for the judging class, and competitors will not be allowed in the ring, but will judge from the ringside. There will be an announcement before the official placings for competitors to hand in their cards. Cards handed in after the announcement will not be accepted.


For more information on multi species judging resources, please visit:$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/4h8115/$FILE/JudgingPG.pdf

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