2017 Vermilion Fair Photo Scavenger Hunt     

- Grab your best buds or play as an individual in the 2017 Vermilion Fair Photo Scavenger Hunt -- all you need is a phone or camera to capture all the hunt items! Run around, take photos, laugh out loud, and eat fair food (not necessarily in that order!). Team members may split up during the hunt, but photos must be saved to your camera roll and team entries must be shown together.

- The Photo Scavenger Hunt is made easy with our Fair App! Download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store to access the Scavenger Hunt list right from your phone and easily keep track of your “collected photos”. Use the hashtag #vtowfairhunt on social media to earn additional points.

- There are specific hunt items for each day, plus additional items you can add to that day’s hunt from the “Anytime “ list. Daily hunt items are only valid the day of, and cannot be accumulated throughout the three days of the Fair.

- Register for the Scavenger Hunt at the Ag Society (Fair Office) no later than noon each day and pick up your list of Scavenger Hunt items and hints if you need them. Return to the Fair Office by 4 pm daily to have your photos reviewed and your score determined.

- The highest scoring team will be announced just before the Chuckwagon Races at the Grandstands at 7:30 pm and there will also be a posting outside the Ag Society (Fair Office) with the list of the winners. Your prize can be claimed any of the three days of the Fair at the office.

Selfie with a clown -- 2 pts
Someone carrying a giant stuffed animal -- 5 pts
A grain cart in Machinery Row -- 5 pts
The view from the top of the Ferris Wheel -- 10 pts
Eating a bag of mini donuts – 5 pts
Photo of the fair wristbands – 2 pts
The front Gate ticket booth -- 5 pts
4-H memorabilia or old 4-H photographs -- 10 pts
A photo of someone using the Fair App -- 7 pts
Group selfie in the sandbox – 2 pts
Sunrise over the fairgrounds -- 10 pts
Grandstand Entertainment -- 2 pts
Demo of household products to purchase -- 2 pts
Selfie with Cleaver the Beaver (4-H Alberta Mascot) -- 10 pts
Lineups for fair food -- 5 pts
Police on patrol -- 5 pts
2017 Vermilion Fair Limited Edition Poster -- 7 pts
Agricultural Society Executive, Director, or Committee Head – 10 pts
Photo of your choice -- 7 pts

Eating pancakes at the Legion Breakfast -- 10 pts
A food truck -- 2 pts
Holding a kitten in Old MacDonald's Barn – 2 pts
A classic car in the Parade -- 5 pts
RCMP or emergency services in the Parade – 7 pts
Face paint or temporary tattoo -- 2 pts
Chariot or Chuckwagons crossing the race finish line – 7 pts
Someone brushing/grooming an animal in the cattle barn – 5 pts
Sheep wearing a spandex lamb tube -- 7 pts
Selfie/picture with a Westcoast Amusements Employee -- 10 pts
First place Saskatoons -- 5 pts
Chilling in air-condition Reunion Hall -- 5 pts

Riding on the people movers -- 2 pts
A giant rabbit entered in the Rabbit Show -- 10 pts
Playing bingo in the Bingo Hall -- 5 pts
A photo of one of the exhibitors and horses in the Equine Show -- 2 pts
A sheep being washed -- 7 pts
A prize-winning cake or pie -- 5 pts
Selfie on the Tilt-a-Whirl -- 7 pts
Antique Tractor pull competition -- 5 pts
Bull with a nose ring -- 10 pts
School showcase diorama -- 5 pts
Band performing at the Free Stage -- 2 pts
Team Ropers waiting for their turn to rope -- 7 pts

A plate of eggs entered in the egg show -- 10 pts
Someone wearing hearing protection at the Modified Tractor Pull -- 7 pts
Selfie with a Longhorn -- 7 pts
A picture of a Clydesdales in the Heavy Horse Barn – 5 pts
The Mounted Shooting Competition -- 5 pts
Group selfie in front of Old MacDonald's Barn -- 2 pts
Walk around entertainment -- 2 pts
Rooster crowing -- 5 pts
Exhibitors competing in Western Dressage -- 10 pts
Speckle Park cow and calf in the Pen Show -- 5 pts
A first-place ribbon -- 2 pts
Group selfie on top of the Grandstands -- 7 pts

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